About Me
My name is Abhilash as you already discovered from the site. I am called Abhi by most people close to me . I have been called many other names somes not so nice. I wil get to them eventually. What I suddenly realized it is hard to write about oneself; neverthless I will try. Writing as such has not been hard. I like writing sharing thoughts ideas with the world . I started bloggin in 2002 when blogging ans social web was not as popular as today . You can find the links to them on this site. I was born on a July night in the city of Trivandrum India . Now that is not a very relevant thing or probably of much interest to you as a reader I would gladly admit but then of course I thought it is worthy of a mention. Dont remember too much of my early childhood but I was known to bite almost anyone so I think the animal insticts came out early. Thankfully I beleieve I am more civilized now and do not have any recent outbreaks of canine tendencies in the last two decades. So you can safely interact with me .

My childhood days were memorable I am blessed in a way that I have two younger brothers Anu and Aravind over whom I get to boss over and I was the eldest. Nice ! . The prevous statement has not always held water as being the eldest comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. You are supposed to be the merciful and tolerant in fights My youngest brother Aravind or to be professionaly respectful Dr Aravind . As inceredible as it may seem he is the Dr in the family who is not exactly known for his gentle nature. To be continued...

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